Division: The fallacy is committed when the conclusion of an argument depends on the erroneous transference of an attribute from a whole ( or a class) onto its parts (or members). The fallacy of division is the exact reverse of composition. A person commits the fallacy of.


An example of division can be found in a car. One may assume that because a sports car is very fast, therefore each individual part (the wheels, the steering wheel, the muffler etc.) are also very fast on their own. However, this is fallacious because by common sense one can see that the individual parts of a car cannot be fast on their own.==

This is a video advertising the NBA playoffs. To draw viewers, it commits the fallacy of division by stating that since the NBA playoffs in its entirety is exciting and amazing, each individual game is as well. It leads one to believe that each game is made up of buzzer beaters and close games. However, though the series may be a tight race and it is overall exciting, there will inevitably be some games that are blowouts and are not very entertaining to watch.

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